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Doppler has four levels of access:

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Collaborator
  • Viewer

Users with Collaborator and Viewer access must be explicitly added to projects.

Granting Access

To see which users in your workplace have collaborator permissions, head over to the team page.

Now that you have users on your team with collaborator access, let's add them to a project. Go to a project, then click the Access button.

Members can be filtered by name or email. Click to add them to a project.

Select which environments they can access, then click the Add button.

After doing so, they should appear in the Access list.

Updating Access

You can alter the environments a user can access by checking the appropriate boxes.

Removing Access

If you would like to remove a user's access to a project, click the Remove button. Removing a user will immediately revoke access to that project in both the dashboard and API.

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