Text-based UI (TUI)

Learn how to use the Doppler TUI to quickly view and edit secrets in your terminal.

The Doppler CLI provides a method of managing your Doppler secrets using a text-based UI (TUI) directly from the command line!


This feature is in Beta

Getting started

The doppler tui command will launch the TUI in your terminal using the same authentication and scope that the rest of the CLI uses. The ? key will show you the available commands. The same list is reproduced here:

Global Keybinds:
    1 Focus Configs
    2 Focus Projects
    3 Focus Secrets
    / Focus Filter
    q Exit

Configs / Projects List Keybinds:
    j     Move cursor down
    k     Move cursor up
    Enter Select

Secrets Keybinds:
    j     Move cursor down
    k     Move cursor up
    h / l Toggle between name and value
    J     Scroll current selection down
    K     Scroll current selection up
    e     Enter edit mode
    s     Open save prompt
    a     Add new secret
    d     Delete current secret
    u     Undo changes
    y     Copy current selection to clipboard

Secrets Editing Mode Keybinds:
    Esc Exit editing mode
    Tab Toggle between name and value

Save Prompt Keybinds:
    Enter   Confirm
    Esc / q Cancel

Save Prompt Keybinds:
    Enter   Confirm
    Esc / q Cancel

Filter Keybinds:
    Enter / Esc Stop filtering


You can navigate between the configs, projects, and secrets sections by pressing 1, 2, or 3. When the configs or projects sections are focused, their title will be highlighted. Within the secrets section, you can use h/j/k/l to navigate between secrets and their values. If a secret value has many lines, you can use J/K to scroll the value box.


The TUI behaves similar to vim; when in normal mode, pressing normal character keys on your keyboard will not directly edit text. Instead, you first press a key to enter edit mode and are then able to type. For example, to edit a value, you would first highlight it and then press e. Once done editing, you would press Esc to return to normal mode. You might then want to add a secret by pressing a, typing in a name and value, and again press Esc to return to normal mode. At this point, you would press s to open the save confirmation dialog and lastly hit Enter to confirm the changes.


A very common usage of the TUI is to update a specific secret's value. The fastest workflow for this is to press / to focus the filter section, type a partial secret name, hit Enter, make the update, and save and quit.