This guide will show you how to send workplace Activity Logs to Datadog.


Requires an upgraded subscription

This feature is exclusive to our Enterprise Plan. Book a demo to see it in action.


  • Ability to create a new Datadog API Key
  • Ability to edit Doppler Workplace Settings
  • Doppler Enterprise plan

Create a new Datadog API Key

  1. In Datadog, navigate to your API keys
  2. Create a new API key for Doppler to use. You will use it in the following section

Enter your DataDog API in Doppler

  1. In Doppler, select Settings from the left navigation
  2. Scroll down to the Services section
  3. Next to Datadog, select the region your data is hosted in and enter the API key you created above. Hit save.

All subsequent actions you take in Doppler will be forwarded to Datadog. Logs sent from Doppler can be found using the source:doppler tag.