Platform Limits

As a guideline for our community, we expect most users to fall within the limits for each plan. Our goal is to be as permissive as possible while not allowing an unreasonable burden on our infrastructure. If you have a special use case that requires higher limits, please reach out to our support team.

Plan Limits

NameDeveloperTeamTeam Add-OnsEnterprise
Environments per Project415--Custom
Configs per Environment10100--Custom
Config Syncs *5100500Custom
Logs3 days90 days--Custom
Trusted IPs per Config--20--Custom
Service Accounts--250--Custom
Service Tokens50500--Custom
CLI Tokens per User520--Custom
API Read Rate Limit **240/min480/min--Custom
API Secrets Read Rate Limit **120/min240/min--Custom
API Write Rate Limit **60/min120/min--Custom

* This applies to Config Syncs created in the dashboard (or via the Secrets Sync API). Kubernetes Operator "syncs" and CLI secret fetches are not considered Config Syncs in this context.

** This applies to direct requests to the API along with requests made by the CLI and Kubernetes Operator. The rate limit is per access token.

Abuse Limits

Secrets per Config1,0001,0001,000
Config Payload Size500 KiB500 KiB500 KiB
Secret Name Character Length200200200
Secret Value Size50 KiB50 KiB50 KiB