Artificial Intelligence (AI) Usage

Learn how Doppler does and doesn't use AI

AI Usage in Doppler Products

Doppler does not utilize AI technologies in our product offerings at this time.

AI Usage in Support

All support requests are responded to by a real person on our Support Team. That said, we do make use of AI that indexes our public support resources (e.g., documentation, GitHub READMEs, community forum posts, etc.). This AI takes the form of a chat bot that you can address your questions about Doppler to. It will formulate responses using an LLM that's trained specifically on sources we have provided to it, so you should get high quality information from it.



As with all things AI, when taking advantage of the AI chat bot described above, please keep the following in mind:

  • Always take AI responses with a grain of salt. AI's have been known to hallucinate and can potentially provide bad information. We closely monitor the responses our chat bot provides and will be making adjustments to help ensure only quality information is provided. That said, please be sure to always review the source material cited by the bot's responses and treat information in those sources as authoritative.
  • Never provide sensitive information to the bot! When asking questions, never provide any passwords, API keys, tokens, or other sensitive information. All questions asked of the bot are logged along with the responses it provides so we can ensure accurate information is being supplied (and so we can discover where source material for its responses is lacking). As such, it's important not to include any sensitive data in your questions!
  • Double-check with support if you're unsure of a response you got. If you ever get a response that seems like it may be incorrect or you're unsure of, please feel free to contact Doppler Support to talk to a real person!