Pull Requests


Early Access

Pull Requests is in Beta. If you're interested in trying them out, reach out to [email protected]


In most organizations, code is reviewed before it is considered for release. Given that secrets and config are instrumental to code working correctly, they should be given the same thought and consideration as code - which is exactly why we built Pull Requests.

Pull Requests are a workflow-driven mechanism for proposing changes to values stored in Doppler. Pull Requests are then reviewed by a team member who holds the proper access to merge the changes.


Creating Pull Requests

Pull Request Form

Creating pull requests via the pull request form is great for proposing changes to configs you do not have access to. This allows admins to minimize access scope creep while providing a low-overhead mechanism for developers to propose changes or additions.



  1. From the navigation, select Pull Requests
  2. Click the + button to create a new Pull Request
  3. On the Pull Request form, there following fields are available
    3.1 Title for the PR
    3.2 Description of the changes the PR is making
    3.3 Project containing the configs you want to update
    3.4 Configs you want to update
    3.5 Secret Name(s) of the secrets to add or update
    3.6 Secret Values(s) of the secrets to add or update. Note: Secret references are not supported but will be before GA.

Config-driven Pull Requests [Coming Soon]

Propose changes when editing a secret config

Reviewing Pull Requests

A user is able to review and approve a pull request if they have edit access to all of the configs being modified.


PR Review

  1. From the navigation, select Pull Requests
  2. Select the PR you would like to review by clicking it
  3. You are now presented with a view of the changes to be made to the applicable secret configs. If the changes are correct, Accept the PR. If the changes are not correct, select Reject.

Integration Syncs

Pull requests are not atomic - if changes impact more than one secret config in a pull request, the changes will be committed separately for each secret config. If you have integration syncs configured for each secret config, they will trigger separately.