Learn how to use Doppler with Postman.

This guide is designed to get you set up with syncing your secrets to your Postman environments.


Any secrets synced to Postman will be visible in plaintext by any user with access to the Postman environment regardless of secret visibility type.


Users will need to reset variables to pull the latest secret values into their local Postman environment.


  • You have an account setup at Postman.

Postman Access Token

Follow Postman's instructions for generating API keys to create an API key to use in the next step.


In your project, navigate to Integrations and select Postman:

Set the Name to anything you like (this will be used to help you identify this sync when viewing the integrations for this config) and paste the API key you created in the previous step into the API key field. Then click Connect.

You have now successfully connected your Postman account with Doppler!


Next, you can select which environment you would like to integrate with along with which Doppler config you want to sync.

Click Set Up Integration and you're all set!

The secrets from your selected config will be immediately and continuously synced with your Postman environment.


Amazing Work!

Now you are all set up on Postman. The next time you use Postman your secrets will be fetched from Doppler.