The change_requests parameter is a new parameter that is an array whose elements are objects matching the following format. This endpoint must receive either a secrets or change_requests parameter (but not both).

change_requests: Array<{
  name: string;
  value: string | null;
  shouldPromote?: boolean;
  shouldDelete?: boolean;
  originalName: string | null;
  originalValue: string | null;
  • shouldPromote can only be set to true if the config being updated is a branch config. In this case, the provided secret will be set in both the branch config as well as the root config in that environment.
  • shouldDelete if set to true will delete the secret matching the name field.
  • originalName and originalValue must be set but are nullable. If provided and non-null, Doppler will only process the update if the values match the latest values. If originalName is different from name, Doppler will treat the operation as a rename.
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