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Radar Guide

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Radar is a continuous monitoring tool that connects to Github to scan your repositories in real-time for accidentally committed secrets, including API keys, database connection strings, credentials, certs, and other sensitive data. This curbs secrets sprawl, fraudulent use of and unauthorized access to secrets.

Three common use cases that Radar tackles with continuous usage are:

  • Prevent new secrets from entering your codebase
  • Track migration of secrets from codebase to secrets manager over time
  • Educate engineers on next steps and best security practices

Setting up Radar is fast and takes just a couple of button clicks. To get started, head over to the Radar page.

Connect to Github

Once on the Radar page click the Connect to Github which will take you to Github.

Authorizing the Radar App

Next, you will need to choose a Github organization and then grant the Radar GitHub app permissions to your organization. Please note, the GitHub app will only have read access to your code and only annotate commits and PRs with the doppler-bot identity.

Confirm Sync

Now that you have connected GitHub, Radar will pull in the list of authorized repositories and perform an immediate scan on the default branch (typically master).

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Radar Guide

reading time 5 minutes

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