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Member Access

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Doppler offers 3 levels of access: owner, admin, and member. Users with member the access level do not have access to any Enclave projects initially.

Granting Access

To see which users in your workplace have member permissions, head over to the team page.

Now that you have users on your team with member access, let's add them to an Enclave project. Go to a project and then click on the icon that has a user with a lock.

Next search up their name or email to add them to the project.

You should see them in the dropdown.

Now select which environments they should have access to. Available options are Development, Staging, and Production. After selecting the environments, click the Add button.

After doing so, you should them appear in the list below.

Updating Access

If you like to grant a user access to more environments, or vice versa, click the checkboxes corresponding to the environments.

Removing Access

If you would like to remove a user's access to a project, click the Remove button. Doing so will trigger a confirmation modal to appear.

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Member Access

reading time 15 minutes

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