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Heroku (old)

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Enclave's Heroku Sync is a great way for Heroku users to sync a config's secrets with a Heroku app's config vars. Syncing Enclave with Heroku also adds another layer of high availability for your service, as now Heroku will also have the latest copy of your secrets. Using Heroku Sync is a standalone service, that does not require the use of the Doppler CLI. Setup is quick and takes less than 5 minutes.


Connect to Heroku

To get started, go to a project and then select a config. Once on the cloud tab, Doppler will ask you to connect your Heroku account. This will grant us access to your Heroku apps.

Select App

Next, we want to select a Heroku app to sync with. Heroku sync is bidirectional, meaning if a Heroku addon is created, it will show up in your config's secrets as well.


Review Apps

Heroku Sync currently does not support Heroku Review Apps.

Start Sync

Now we should click the "Save" button. This will initiate the sync and pull in any secrets already in your Heroku app's config vars.

Doppler will automatically ignore the following secrets pulled from Heroku.




Heroku app's id


Heroku app's name


Heroku app's current release created date


Heroku app's current release version


Heroku app's current release commit


Heroku app's current release description


Amazing Work!

Now you are all set up on Heroku Sync.

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Heroku (old)

read time 3 mins

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